Sep . 26 . 2016


Food Network Canada’s #1 original series Chopped Canada returns with more heart-pumping competition in an all-new season of specials. Junior cooks, grandmothers, firefighters, home-grown celebrities and the series’ very own chef judges, take over the Chopped Canada Kitchen battling it out for the coveted title and cash prize. Featuring an array of competitors of all ages, this season brings audiences a pantry of culinary diversity and high-stake challenges. The all-new season of Chopped Canada begins with the premiere presentation of Chopped Canada Junior (6×60) on Sunday, October 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the four remaining themed specials (4×60) starting Saturday, November 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

In each episode, hosted by Brad Smith, four competitors face off before an all-star panel of three expert judges including Mark McEwan, Lynn Crawford, Michael Smith, Susur Lee, Roger Mooking, John Higgins, Anne Yarymowich, Antonio Park, Massimo Capra, and Eden Grinshpan. Armed with skill and ingenuity, the competitors race against the clock to turn the mystery ingredients from their iconic baskets into an extraordinary three-course meal. Course-by-course, the he judges decide which competitor will be “chopped” from the competition until only the winner remains.


This season, Chopped Canada champions will be rewarded a cash prize and winners of the celebrity and Chopped Canada judges editions will donate their $10,000 prize to a charity of their choice.

Competing in the first-ever Chopped Canada Junior are:

Episode 1 (Airs Sunday, October 16): Paige Clark, Ryan Valentino, Zoe Tarsitano, Ellie Shram.
Episode 2 (Airs Sunday, October 23): Wynnie Hatcher, Billy Magirias, Hannah Hutzul, Erica Bucciacchio Episode 3 (Airs Sunday, October 30): Cameron Knowles, Ben Hagens, Leia Martin, Evan Kiriakou Episode 4 (Airs Sunday, November 6): Hudson Stiver, Eyal Stopnicki, Sydney Allen, Abigail Chu Episode 5 (Airs Sunday, November 13): Jonathan Giovannoni, Ryleigh Taylor, Jessica Davis-Sydor, Teanna Rauckman
Episode 6 (Airs Sunday, November 20): Jayna Lunny, Taylor Durkee, Ryan Morantz, Charlie Bender


Chopped Canada judges battling it out against each other are: Michael Smith, Mark McEwan, Susur Lee, Anne Yarymowich.
Airs Saturday, November 26.

Grandmothers facing off are: Faegi Bines, Mary Bastone, Anita Antoine, Leona McGillis. Airs Saturday, December 3.

Firefighters testing their limits in the kitchen are: Ryan Brown, Henri Persaud, Michael Varga, Scott Germain. 
Airs Saturday, December 10.

Celebrities showcasing their culinary skills: Roz Weston (Entertainment Tonight Canada), Mary Walsh (Actress and Comedian), Steven Page (Musician), Keshia Chanté (Singer-songwriter and Actress). Airs Saturday, December 17.

Exclusive bonus digital content for the new season includes a tour of the Chopped Canada Kitchen, rapid-fire questions with host Brad Smith and resident Chopped Canada judges. For competitor biographies, behind-the-scenes extras and full episodes, visit canada/.

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