Apr . 29 . 2015

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Cold Water Cowboys is back and better than ever! Returning to its Tuesday 10:00 p.m. timeslot where it outperformed all other Canadian entertainment specialty channels, the second season of this megahit series features new boats and new crews joining last year’s stars. It’s a season filled with bigger, bolder gambles as fishing vessels become icebreakers, harsh conditions take a toll on vital equipment, and crews are pushed to the breaking point. The fast and furious fishing begins on Tuesday, March 10th at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Canada.

This season’s captains include:

RICHARD GILLETT/MIDNIGHT SHADOW – TWILLINGATE, N.L. Richard Gillett is a giant of a man with the personality to match. He is a fifth-generation fisherman of Twillingate, and there’s nowhere else on earth he could exist – he is rooted to the place.

MORRIS ANSTEY/SEBASTIAN SAILS – SUMMERFORD, N.L. Morris Anstey is a good friend and fierce competitor of Richard Gillett. Anstey and the crew of his boat, Sebastian Sails Fishing, personify the fishing family tradition that is so strong in Newfoundland.

CONWAY & RICK CAINES/SEADOO – COW HEAD, N.L. This father and son duo have yet to make their millions as they work their tails off day in and day out, barely keeping their boat afloat. Last year an accident with their boat was a big setback, so this season is ‘make or break’. Times are tough, but these two have salt water running through their veins and can’t imagine doing anything else with their lives.

ANDRE AND MICHELLE JESSO/WAVE ON WAVE – THREE ROCK COVE, N.L. Newcomers Captain Andre Jesso and his wife (and First Mate) Michelle are getting ready to fish. Andre is the first to say that fishing is just about the hardest way a man can make a living, but he refuses to do anything else.

PAUL TILLER/ATLANTIC BANDIT – VALLEYFIELD, N.L. Captain Tiller shelled out $170,000 renovating his boat last winter, and will need to make big money this season to get back in the black. The boat’s now called Atlantic Bandit, boasting a newly painted skull and crossbones on her hull. Everyone agrees it looks completely “bad-ass”, but crew members believe the Captain is playing fast and loose with fate. It’s a long-held maritime belief that it’s bad luck to change the name of a boat, and the last thing the crew needs 160 kilometres offshore is bad mojo!

In anticipation of the series’ second season, presents the Cold Water Cowboys: Atlantic Empire simulation game – a combination of both strategy and skill based gameplay and show characters and locations, along with a strong social media component. Players control their own fishing vessels while going for broke in the unforgiving North Atlantic using map-based gameplay to net as much crab, shrimp, turbot, herring, and mackerel as they can to build a fishing dynasty.

In addition to the game, the Cold Water Cowboys viewer engagement extends through mobile via the Discovery App and at, where users can watch full episodes and video extras, discover behind-the-scenes content, see Captain and fish “bios”, explore photo galleries and fishing maps, and find series and episode descriptions. The Cold Water Cowboys social experience (#CWCowboys) will also returns for Season 2 on Twitter and Facebook with last season’s campaign on Facebook (estimated 3 million users reached) and Twitter (3.8 million estimated impressions) earning the highest engagement rates of any Discovery social campaign to date.

Cold Water Cowboys is produced by Paperny Entertainment in association with Discovery Canada. Executive Producers are Cal Schumiatcher, David Paperny and Audrey Mehler. The series producer is Marianne Kushmaniuk and Head of Production for Paperny Entertainment is Vera Lubimova. Edwina Follows is Production Executive and Director of Commissioning, Discovery Networks. Ken MacDonald is Vice-President, Programming, Discovery Networks.

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