Apr . 29 . 2015


We’re delighted to announce that Yukon Gold has begun production on its third season in Canada’s far north. Produced by Paperny Entertainment, this original series follows four daring gold mining crews as they toil the land and battle the elements all in hopes of hitting the ultimate payday. Season three of Yukon Gold premieres across Canada on HISTORY winter 2015.

“We’re thrilled to be back working with HISTORY and filming in the beautiful and rugged Yukon,” commented David Paperny, President, Paperny Entertainment. “We can only shoot as long as the weather and elements permit, so we’ll keep the cameras rolling until the ground freezes and the miners have claimed their last nugget of the season.”

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“One of HISTORY’s most popular Canadian programs, Yukon Gold continues to appeal to viewers with its high stakes storylines and larger-than-life characters,” says Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President, Content, Shaw Media. “The lure of gold in the Yukon has captured the attention of explorers for centuries, and as the success of Yukon Gold shows, people are still captivated by the search for gold.”

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Like the Klondike entrepreneurs before them, the miners of Yukon Gold brave the harsh conditions, stay up working with the midnight sun, battle their own machinery – and sometimes each other – in the remote and stunning setting of Canada’s north. Yukon Gold showcases the trials and triumphs of the returning miners and their families along with a few new faces, as they risk it all to get as much pay dirt as possible before the northern temperatures drop and the season comes to a freezing halt.

Yukon Gold is executive produced by David Paperny, Cal Schumiatcher and Audrey Mehler. Past episodes of Yukon Gold are available on History.ca and HISTORY Go.

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