Apr . 29 . 2015

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This February, HISTORY’s number one Canadian docu-series of 2013, Yukon Gold, returns for a high-stakes second season. The brave gold mining crews are back at it again, battling the elements with only four short months in Canada’s wild Yukon to earn what they desperately hope will be one big payday. For these miners, one good strike can make a man rich, but one bad season can take him down for good. They’re willing to risk it all once again, for Yukon’s gold. Produced by Paperny Entertainment for Shaw Media, Yukon Gold season two premieres Wednesday, February 26 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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A late spring and falling gold prices crank up the pressure in season two. Miner Ken Foy is back at Moose Creek – despite nearly going broke last year. Ken has high hopes that this season he’ll beat the Moose Creek curse. Going home broke is not an option; Ken must prove to his wife that investing their entire financial future into the mine was worth it.

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Also with lots to prove is Karl Knutson, who is stepping out of the shadow of his father, respected self-made miner Marty Knutson.

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And after a successful first season in the Dawson area gold fields Alberta boy “Big” Al McGregor returns to the Yukon, this time with bigger machines and a bigger crew. These diehards have gold fever and they’re back to wager it all in hopes of striking it rich.

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The new season sees the addition of a new miner Cam Johnson. Cam mines on the remote 10 Mile Creek, several hours upriver from Dawson City and only accessible by boat or plane – a huge obstacle when a part breaks or someone gets hurt. Family is Cam’s top priority, and he keeps his close. His wife and children help out at the mine in any way possible, from operating machines to cleaning gold.

In the premiere episode, the miners battle frozen ground that forces them to sluice harder than ever. Karl races to get 100 ounces of gold in the first week in a bid to prove to his father that he’s ready to take over the family mine and stake his own claim. Ken’s operation is jeopardized when a junior miner destroys important – and costly – equipment, forcing him to decide if the eager but careless hand should be fired. Big Al’s gamble to strip muddy ground to keep sluicing is a bust when he is forced to replace big iron – without a big payday.

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