Road Hockey Rumble


Get both seasons of ROAD HOCKEY RUMBLE in one awesome DVD set! Each week during two cross-country road trips, our hosts Mark and Calum draft local players and face off in a kick-ass game of ROAD HOCKEY! For the winner, bragging rights and beer …while the loser gets punished for sucking.

“Must-see.” – Free Press News Services

“Sometimes painful, often embarrassing and always hilarious… Road Hockey Rumble really does tap into about what it is to be Canadian.” – Newfoundland Herald

“Fun, instantly prompting all sorts of vivid road-hockey memories. Refreshing, accessible and sincere… Very Canadian in an unselfconscious way.” – Ottawa Citizen

“Action-packed.” – Truro Daily News

All 26 episodes!
Mind blowing commentary!
Easily the best stills gallery you've ever seen!
And more!

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